Horror Movies

Predator 5 is in the making! What should you expect?

A new Predator movie? Let us talk about the elephant outside the room. Sure, some of you ardent fans, not unlike me, are familiar with the developments of the new Predator movie, but for most of you out there, this is news you have not heard. Probably, you don’t even care… not after they sabotaged the previous film in the saga, “The Predator” with silly innuendos and gimmicky umm everything!… Read More »Predator 5 is in the making! What should you expect?

The Conjuring Shared Universe, and why it is a success!

The Conjuring franchise had so much going for it from the get-go. Most influential of the lot being the continued involvement of director James Wan. The presence of one James Wan Over the years, Wan has enjoyed his position as a horror movie veteran in Hollywood. And definitely enough, his filmography speaks for it. From the much-loved Saw franchise to the Insidious series of films, Wan has his footprints all over the modern collegium… Read More »The Conjuring Shared Universe, and why it is a success!

Slasher Movies

The Best Classic Slasher Movies

Slasher Movies have their charm. Surely, there is something about watching people slashing and being slashed on and off-screen. Mighty indulgence for some, guilty pleasure for others, and wondrous treats for us here at Lost in Noir. Our Classic Slasher Picks Psycho (1960) Halloween (1978) Black Christmas (1974) Madhouse (1981) Friday The 13th (1980) A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) Scream (1996) Previous Next Horror films have often banked on… Read More »The Best Classic Slasher Movies

PI (1998), and why you should watch it!

Just when you think horror movies can’t get any zanier, Aronofsky directs another psychological megalomaniac of a movie. Front and centre is PI (1998) – An underrated flick and a testament to noirs of the past. I would not argue with complaints of PI being a difficult watch, especially with the brusque shots and the melancholic black and white cinematography. But, since when has painstaking viewings always resulted in unsatisfactory experiences?… Read More »PI (1998), and why you should watch it!

The Wailing

The Wailing (2016), and why you should watch it!

It is not often you watch a movie like The Wailing (2016) and not talk about it… Discovery is oft surprising in ways they open doors to realms unvisited before. Movies do this to you! While Get Out (2017) subverted genre expectations, 2020 brought us Parasite. To many of us, this was our induction into South Korean movies. Indeed! Train to Busan (2016), The Host (2006), and Oldboy (2003) are… Read More »The Wailing (2016), and why you should watch it!