Dark (2017-20), and why you should watch it!

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Dark (2017-20). You might have heard of it...

Dark (2017-)

Title: Dark (2017-20)

Genre: Science Fiction, Drama, Mystery 

Language: German

Where to Watch: Netflix

Seasons: (Season 1) 2017, (Season 2) 2018, (Season 3) 2020

If you know how the future pans out, would you dare to move against it?

Or in doing so, would you be ensuring the outcome?

Is the Universe scripted?

If these questions have spiralled you down a thought experiment of possibilities, then Netflix has a treat for you. Released in the summer of 2017, the German TV series took the world by storm. The slow start would make one claim it to be a German ‘Stranger Things’ (and trust me, that is an understatement). Yet by the end of the first season, everyone was convinced they were witnessing a masterpiece in creation. 

About Dark (2017-20)

Dark (2017-)

Dark is a story with infinite facades to uncover, always leaving you guessing yet startling as you get closer to the ground truth. The series quickly tasks the viewers to remember the traits of the 4 families (Tiedemann, Neilson, Khanwald, Doppler) as everyone keeps their secrets – making one wonder who is trustworthy and who should be dreaded. Several twists and unanswered lingering questions leave fans theorizing possibilities for seeming paradoxes highlighted in the plot. However, the show creators (Baran Bo Odar and Jantje Friese) always outsmarted me by opening doors from unexpected directions.

The umm so twisty Plot of Dark (2017-20)

While Dark (2017-) revolves around the fictitious town of Winden, the transformations that occur over the decades stay true to the evolutionary phases that Germany endured. From the retro music of the ’80s (again setting the Stranger Things vibes) to even the aristocratic homes of the 50’s (some delight for fans of Babylon Berlin), a spectacular revelation of transformation of Germany is provided. 

Dark (2017-)

The protagonist of our story, Jonas Khanwald, feels rather remorseful for the untimely demise of his father for unexplained reasons. However, while uncovering the truth and grasping the meaning of the impossible, his romance meets tragic conclusions. A mysterious power plant plays a vital role in setting in motion the chain of events that wreak havoc in the world we explore. Characters go missing… yet are rediscovered in entirely different circumstances. As mentioned earlier, the secrets that every character treasures leads them to take irreversible actions.  And each puzzle is found to be just a fragment of a greater scheme of troubles.

The sound design is ingeniously crafted to give goosebumps and leave you feeling uneasy; maybe even confused at times. The acting is very captivating – every tear shed leaves a void of sorrow for the victims, no matter how imperfect they may seem. Even the opening credit scene (Aparat – Goodbye) has a very mesmerising feel to it – almost as if to mentally prepare the viewer to endure what they are to witness for the next 50 or so minutes. For me personally, I spent countless hours afterwards watching concept videos on YouTube and indulging in discussions on Dark subreddit to meet the intellectual cravings of the mind. 

Dark (2017-)

As most reviewers will tell you, Dark will definitely stand the test of time – to be remembered as one of the greatest Netflix Sci-Fi TV Series. It may take some patience to sit through the initial few episodes but don’t be fooled by the pacing – by the end of season 3, I was struggling to keep up the explosion of knowledge that tied up the loose ends in such masterful strokes of storytelling.

Why you should Most Definitely watch it!

It may seem this review is entirely cryptic – and it is intentional as it makes for a better watching experience. If you are someone who likes to have your analytical mind challenged to its very edge, Dark won’t disappoint you. Just remember to keep a notebook ready to take note of the subtle details – I promise every effort will be eventually rewarded in very satisfying ways. 

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