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About Us

Lost in Noir is for cinema and all it stands for. Call it a confection of everything in and around cinema. An imaginarium of sorts, and as sure as eggs is eggs a tribute to the Behemoth that Cinema is!

Drunk by choice


Drunk with choice

For some it is a simple form of entertainment and for others it is a fun way to have a good time but for those obsessive few whose craze borders on hyper fanaticism, cinema is their bread and butter. Whether it be scrolling through catalogues of movies to pick one that has not been watched to death, or to desperately wait for the release of a long sought release in theatres, the joy of cinema is simply put, all-consuming.

These fanatics can be found everywhere. The eccentric trivia dude in classroom who snarkily adds a pop culture remark every single time, the party animal chugging his way through bong quoting the Dude from Big Lebowski, the sarcastic friend who is sometimes Chandler Bing and at other times Professor Snape, the one person getting uppity over their binge watch numbers. Or maybe that dude click clicking away on his way writing about the obsession that cinema is.

Cinema is a celebration! And by all means an effective form of art that transcends barriers over languages and genres galore.