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We are in search of writers who are insanely passionate about Cinema and have due experience writing about them. Invitations are extended to those willing to spend a little time off your week engaging in this passion. 

Authors shall be credited for their content and will feature in the Team page of Lost in Noir.

We are excited to welcome Authors with a repository of unconventional viewings not generally limited to the conventional kind.

Why write for us?

We are a growing community brought together by a common love for cinema. This will be your site as much as it would be for the next author. Here we candidly produce content to highlight individualistic opinions. More the quirkiness, the better. Lost in Noir will be your site to flaunt your content as we work our way into the circles of movie lovers. People will benefit from your recommendations as the site functions to bring streamlined and intuitive content for movie aficionados. We are a nascent bunch of Authors and Lost in Noir is a toddler that needs parenting. Care to join would ya?