Jab We Met: a “Rewatch”

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I recently rewatched Jab We Met. Well.. for the 23rd time for ones keeping count. And I thought, why not do a rewatch review. So here’s my “Rewatch review” of your favourite Bollywood rom-com, Jab We Met. 

Jab We Met, Again!

Jab We Met

Title: Jab We Met (2007)

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Musical

Language: Hindi

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video 

A very ordinary love story with the typical ’boy meets girl’ plot line, what sets it apart is its heartwarming characters, the funny yet perceptive dialogues and the sheer charm of the actors portraying them. The characters in this movie couldn’t be any further from reality, making it a perfect watch if you are looking for some mindless fun.

Jab We Met

The Plot for Jab We Met No-watchers

The movie begins with our hero Aditya, a defeated industrialist gloomily walking through the streets and boarding a random train. Enter Geet, a beautiful but annoyingly talkative girl whose presence itself seems to light up the screen. She attempts to strike up a conversation with Aditya, finally irritating him to the point of making him get off the train. While trying to get him back on the train, she misses it and they are both left stranded in a godforsaken station with no money or luggage. This results in the highly entertaining journey of this mismatched couple all the way to Bhatinda.  

They swap stories, mostly Geet ranting about the love of her life Anshuman with whom she plans to run away, and gradually form a connection. Their taxi ride, stay at Hotel “Decent”( some first-rate sarcasm, that name), the childish antics they get up to like setting an ex’s photo on fire and then flushing it down the toilet will not fail to crack you up.

Why I keep watching Jab We Met over and over again...

Jab We Met

Shahid and Kareena have been a couple in many movies like Chup Chup Ke, 36 Chinatown and Milenge Milenge, but Jab We Met is a true testament to their sparkling onscreen chemistry and marked Kareena’s rise back to stardom. Her ability to act bubbly and over-enthusiastic has been made use of thoroughly. The characters are portrayed in a very endearing way and it doesn’t exactly hurt that Shahid Kapoor as ‘angry young man’ is a sight for sore eyes.

Like all mainstream Bollywood movies, Jab We Met has its fair share of energetic dance numbers juxtaposed against Mohit Chauhan’s swoon-worthy romantic songs.

Why Should you watch it?

Jab We Met is a stylish mix of many of the age-old Hindi movies, complete with a love triangle (square, if you count Geet’s childhood sweetheart who was all set to marry her). 

A warm, adorably silly, feel-good movie with characters that you will not be able to forget, it is a perfect example of an escapist cinema that leaves you smiling to yoursel.

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