Anjali is an engineering student and a firm believer in the simulation theory. She watches movies whenever jobless which is pretty much all the time!

Jab We Met

Jab We Met: a “Rewatch”

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I recently rewatched Jab We Met. Well.. for the 23rd time for ones keeping count. And I thought, why not do a rewatch review. So here’s my Rewatch review of your favourite Bollywood rom-com – Jab We Met.

12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men, and Why You Should Watch It!

Title: 12 Angry Men (1957) Genre: Courtroom Drama, Mystery  Language: English Where to Watch: The Premise 12 angry men cramped into a stuffy room, arguing on the ‘hottest day of the year’ does not exactly seem like a promising watch. It is nearly impossible to keep a single location – dialogue driven plot interesting . But, in this case, the 95 minute long movie is a huge success.  12… Read More »12 Angry Men, and Why You Should Watch It!