Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural: The Show that needs Binging!

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A Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural Review

Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural
Poster Credits: Mikkel Andreas Hulbakviken Hagen

Title: Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural

Genre: Comedy, Paranormal Investigation

Language: English

Seasons: Season 6 (and counting)

Where to Watch: Season 1,2,3,4 – Buzzfeed Multiplayer NetworkSeasons 5,6- Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural Network

Before Unsolved

As a child, I watched a lot of these Ghost Hunter sorta shows on tv. Late nights were spent watching these paranormal investigators go about their ghoul searching adventures across “supposedly” haunted locales. The thrill of their exploits and the organic nature of their night cam footage kept me engrossed in increasingly haunting tales of supernatural exploration. A decade and more later, I am a Boogara who identifies himself as a Shaniac (More on that towards the end). So… for the uninitiated, I am an avid, binging addict of Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural.

For all the shows that came before Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural, there was a sense of seriousness to them. Be it Ghost Adventures (2008-), Most Haunted (2002-19), Dead Files (2011-), or the OG “Ghost Hunters Classic (2004-16)”, they all had an air of gravitas to them for good measure. They all had the reputation of being channel acquired shows that aired on your favourite Television Networks.

Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural

These shows, all had a formulaic nature –

A haunted Locale, A bunch of self-proclaimed paranormal investigators, “Real” fake scares, high tech ghost finding gadgets, exposition overblown tales of myth and history, and the very pestilent presence of Nightvision cams.

You see, this was the norm. Something that had taken networks by the cult. Not necessarily deplorable… But then, every new show was the same as the previous show with rehashed content. While many of their episodes are enjoyable as guilty pleasure featurettes, one can’t simply forgive their stubbornness to stay with the same old spooky dooky telltale shenanigans.

Enter Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural

Then in the most confounding fashion arrived Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural, on a platform not known for spurring content comparable to Television quality. The stage was youtube and the channel was Buzzfeed. The latter being a notorious company known for their unabashedly clickbaity and often “trifling” content.  

Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural is a featured segment amongst a plethora of content churned out by BuzzFeed. And, change it did the face of Buzzfeed! 

Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural

Hosted by the duo of Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej, the show takes its viewers on a journey bundled with scares, wit, and masterful storytelling. While Ryan is a believer in the supernatural, Shane is a staunch sceptic. The duo’s camaraderie and their affable personalities personalise the show to an extent where it becomes a meta-commentary on similar shows before it. Shane’s no-shit taken and all shits given attitude paired with Ryan’s “I fear a lot” platitude edify the nature of the series. And that’s where the formula ends!

Initiation to the Supernatural

Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural follows Ryan and Shane through famously haunted locales of USA (and some special ones in London, UK) as they make their way through these sites poking fun at anything and everything. Their character interactions are infinitely funny and the quips and quirks really take the show to another level of uproarious energy. 

Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural

Ryan is the de facto narrator, as he tells both Shane and the audience the affairs of the episode’s theme packed with History and Lore. The animation with the narration is alone fascinating that the show is worth watching just for that. This narration unfolds over the course of the episode as they leave their studio to these locations of interest. Discussions ensue and the Tomfoolery of the pair manages to keep even the most uninterested hooked.

Every episode has something new to offer. Whilst agreed that Shane and Ryan play themselves, their environment is tangibly different every time. So, Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural has episodes on Aliens, Mythical Creatures (Mothman, Abominable Snowman), Conspiracy theories, and the best of the lot – Tales of Demons and demonic Possesions. 

No matter the risky stakes at hand, of violent histories of gore, the show manages to breezily include humour and defiant taunts. Shane Madej is at the forefront of being an absolutely adorable asshole to the supposed “supernatural entities”. Him being fearless and maintaining a cynical stance all time every episode is the stuff of legend amongst fan circles. So much so that memes have been made about it – of Shane being the demon slayer, and wait for it…

 “Shane is the embodiment of Satan”

Ryan, on the other hand, is a believer or as Shane refers to, impressionable. Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural is simply put Ryan’s struggles to get Shane to believe in the Supernatural.  

Why should you watch Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural!

The Show has its own daring and audacious moments. Their esp gadgets signalling eerie messages, speculative contact, and even terrifying moments where Shane decides to go mano a mano with the famed Annabelle doll at the Warren’s home in Rhode Island, Connecticut

Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural, featuring –  Shane mocking demons, Shane belittling begrudging spirits, Shane being a total legend. Also, there are several moments of – Ghosts toying with Ryan, Fear stricken and hysterical Ryan, I have had enough of Shane’s cynicism Ryan.

Yet, the duo has this organic chemistry to keep the humour flowing. One that only real-life friends can have. And that is why the show works – Because of Ryan and Shane!

Surprisingly for a show on youtube, the production quality is top notch. The cinematography is not your average shaky cam, and has a dedicated camera crew and Shane with his gimbals. Audio is not the itsy bitsy distorted recordings of the amateurish kind. Overall, its a pretty well produced, studio production.

Buzzfeed 1, Critics – 0

My personal Episode picks...

There are 6 seasons of Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural; each with 6-10 episodes. I am yet to watch a similar show with remotely the same Binge-watching value. Moreover, these episodes are highly rewatchable, and my friends and I have found ourselves doing just that several times over. 

So be prepared to travel across the states, to explore ghost towns, meddle with acclaimed haunted locations, and of course, Shane and Ryan being total clowns. 

My Favourite episodes would be hard to pick, yet let’s have a go at it. These are purely my favourites (ever-changing), and to be honest, every episode is rad!

  • Their first episode together happens to be the scariest – 3 Horrifying Cases Of Ghosts And Demons (Season 1, ep 3)
  • The most chill episode – The Search for the Mysterious Mothman (Season 4, ep1)
  • The Funniest episode – The Demonic Goatman’s Bridge (Season 3, ep4)
  • The most rewatchable episode – The Haunted Halls of Waverly Hills Hospital (Season 2, ep 4)

Nevertheless, start from the first and follow through to the latest season. For guarantee, every episode has its own specialities.

So if you are craving for an entertaining show that has a good mix of humour, suspense and scares, just youtube Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural. I am here, waiting to listen to your favourite moments.

Bonus Features!!!

Buzzfeed Unsolved is not just about Supernatural. There’s more 

Buzzfeed Unsolved – True Crime, Buzzfeed Unsolved – Sports Conspiracies… All featuring your favourite pair of Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara.

While true crime focuses on Shane and Ryan putting on their funny thinking caps trying to solve famous unsolved cases, sports conspiracies sees them trying to reason out several alleged high profile conspiracies.

Shaniacs and Boogarans. #Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural

Memes have been made about this, Reddit threads have been stipulated about this, and youtube comments have trolled about this. 

This – “Ryan and Shane’s backs must hurt carrying Buzzfeed”

This universal truth is only justified with every new episode of Unsolved.

The duo has their own channel – The Watcher (which itself emerged out of a meme that came about from one Buzzfeed Unsolved True Crime Episode). Do check it out too!

About being a Shaniac or a Boogara – You relate to Ryan and his fears? Congrats you are a Boogaran, else Shaniacs welcome you to the land of stone-hearted scepticism.

Poster Credits go to: Mikkel Andreas Hulbakviken Hagen.

Check out his stunning artworks here:

Instagram, Facebook, DeviantArt


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