PI (1998), and why you should watch it!

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Just when you think horror movies can’t get any zanier, Aronofsky directs another psychological megalomaniac of a movie. Front and centre is PI (1998) – An underrated flick and a testament to noirs of the past. I would not argue with complaints of PI being a difficult watch, especially with the brusque shots and the melancholic black and white cinematography.

But, since when has painstaking viewings always resulted in unsatisfactory experiences? And PI (1998) is just that, an experience to behold.

A dizzying journey through the psyche of a fractured mind but as interesting an itinerary as they come.

You might be a fan of Fincher’s Fight Club (1999), or Lyne’s Jacob’s Ladder (1990). Chances are psychological thrillers have fancied you to no end. PI goes further, uppends all that’s at stake and ends up with you questioning your sanity. (Told ya that it is not an easy watch, but an experience worth having).

PI (1998) and The Chaos of interesting elements

A mathematician, obsessed… on the hunt for a pattern that keeps repeating itself; in a computer and in the kabbalah (related to Jewish theosophy). Wall street peeps who want in on the pattern in the stock market, a jewish practitioner with claims of the torah being a coded message from God, a supercomputing chip, and a kid who wants his math homeworks solved.
PI (1998)

As anarchic as PI (1998) is on a palette that screams a contrasting black and white, there is woven brilliance of a gripping plot. The cinema has gone down philosophical routes to connect Mathematics and the very nature of sentience itself.

So, dare… buckle up! Let cinema’s most audacious entry loop you into its hypnotic canvas.

So, if you are stalling, you are defo missing out on something that is worth your precious time quarantining.

So, go watch PI already!

(Enough with the sos already!).

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