Le Samourai – Nothing like anything I have ever watched!

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Does time travel exist? Is it possible?
Le Samourai - You will start to wonder the same if you see this stylish flick made in 1967.

Le Samourai

Title: Le Samourai

Genre: Crime/Drama

Language: French

Where to Watch: Streaming on Streaming Link: Prime Video USA

Does time travel exist?

Is it possible?

You will start to wonder the same if you see this stylish flick made in 1967. There are some movies that deserve a rewatch for the massive amount of details hidden in plain sight , and then there are some movies which make us bewildered, wondering what just happened, why? You can rub your eyes and watch it again and maybe even get a different interpretation. But in the end, I strongly feel the director had strong and discrete answers to what happened, why etc… you just need to  rewatch the movie and read some forms to fully get it sometimes (guilty :D).

The opening shot contains the following quote, talk about creating a statement at the opening shot.

“There is no greater solitude than that of a samurai, unless it is that of the tiger in the jungle . . . perhaps . . .”
-Bushido (Book of Samurai)

The frames are as sleek and sexy as it gets. I can only stand at my home and give it a standing ovation, at the brilliance of the movie and how ahead of its times and universal the movie is. The events still could be happening in Vegas or California today. A lot has changed over the 57 years, but at the core, we humans are very similar to the ones that existed 57 years ago , if we can fully relate to the story now. Our basic needs and wants are still the same, yet on the front-end or outside, technology has changed our lives and it’s a very different time now.

If you’re a fan of sigma males like John Wick, and or a Noir Lover, this is the perfect movie for you. Very less words are spoken in this movie, the actions of the characters speak more, their environment talks if you listen. 

It’s truly remarkable how Jean Paul Melville speaks so much via this film with very few spoken words, and makes us feel really stressed and anxious to what happens next (& many other emotions). Alain Delon has done an amazing job as the “Samourai” and his wife at that time Nathalie Delon is the female lead in this film. Alain Delon epitomizes style in this movie, and his performance and this movie as a whole has influenced many cultural events, and works including the Ryan Gosling cult flick Drive (2011).

If you’re a cinephile, miss this masterpiece at your own peril.

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