Eat Pray Love, at 2 am? Sounds good!

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Eat Pray Love: One "Accidental" Review

Eat Pray Love

Title: Eat Pray Love (2010)

Genre: Romance, Drama

Language: English

Where to Watch: Netflix

Finally, when I got spare time to watch a movie, I decided to complete one on my checklist – Eat Pray Love. Here’s a gist of my take on the romantic movie which is an adaptation of the book, “Eat Pray Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Eat Pray Love - What's it about?

Eat Pray Love

The film revolves around a writer who doesn’t have a proper plan for life but just a deep hearted wish to travel around the world. She breaks up with her relationships, gets into other relationships, figures out a few things, and plans on a journey to enjoy food, place, peace, and eventually find the love of her life.

This movie was not an easy watch. Being a hopeless romantic with eagerness to watch more rom-coms, and also being a peripatetic traveler, the movie of places, food, and peace came into my list. The main intended takeaway was to adore Julia Roberts even more; after already having watched a few of her movies. Pretty Woman, Sleeping With The Enemy… you get the drift.

I had Eat Pray Love on my checklist for a long time, but one fine night when I started thinking again of my plan, career, and future, I got this random idea of logging into Netflix to watch this movie at 2 am. Even though my aim was to simply enjoy the travel and love shenanigans, I eventually fell in love with the movie.

Eat Pray Love

A clueless person who had wished for travelling the world but confused about where and when to start and what to sacrifice – I was proxy – the protagonist here. Even though the cinematography doesn’t show everything randomly, i.e. “the clueless state”, the idea of the sacrifice and travel, the food, the places, the art of peace, and in the end how childish every person is irrespective of the age is all masterfully crafted. 

The 2 hours I accidentally invested this late in the night turned out to be my answers to these questions – whether to make sacrifices in life? Where to start? And what really is happiness and how to make use of what you have, when you know a lot of people who can’t even properly imagine and enjoy your chances. 

The 2 hours not only helped me in getting an answer but also made me realize how many people fall into confusing situations, and we be the ones to give them the time to recover and come back, and not let them suffer – value their life decisions, accept their acknowledged mistakes, forgive and lead on a happy life.

Eat Pray Love - For Tutti!

Eat Pray Love

Suggesting this movie to all the hopeless romantics, unrequited lovers, travellers, foodies, and those philosophical people in search of their first step to eternal peace.

Why? The cinematography and the plot portray a clueless writer who, despite having many of the luxuries is still not satisfied and plans on fulfilling her wishes and sacrificing all the wealth. Quite an inspiring note to ponder on. The places, the food, and the culture of Italy, India, and Bali are answers to the love and peace the protagonist is on a constant search for.

Eat Pray Love shows, in life, what is meant to be, will be. The mistakes of the protagonist are a good depiction of what can happen if we chose the hard way, paving rise to wise unrequited lovers – who wait and forgive their loved ones.

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