Breaking Convention in Cinema Consumption

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Times that lead to the inception of Lost in Noir….

“Classes scheduled till March 31 have been abandoned in light of the recent events surrounding the spread of COVID-19”

Sure at the time when the state announced a month long observance of shutting down educational institutions fearing the spread of the coronavirus, these holidays came as a respite from the dreary heat and the mundane project presentations. For us this period boded vacation vibes. Sure there was a catch! “Public establishments like Multiplexes, Parks, and the likes are to remain closed until further notice”.

And they remain closed to this day, nearly 3 months since quarantine measures were instilled.

Still all was not unpleasant. Being in isolation at homely confines meant binge watching through a barrage of cinematic offerings. At least as much as internet data and hoarded dvds could validate. Graced unto this consummate realisation I too set about scrolling through movie recommendations.

Lost in Noir

Movie Recommendations...

A simple google search yields a multitude of recommendations from various sites. IMDb’s top 100s to ranker lists feature in these pseudo-altruistic and often repeated results. Every single search in the genre, say mystery for instance yields always the likes of Memento, Shutter Island, and the usuals clubbed as the best of best. This is the same case for any other genre or key word in your search. All these films have some things in common – word of mouth and the pompous rotten tomato ratings.

It is only obvious that a person fond of cinema would first quench his desire for good movies with these famed movies.

One by one you crunch through the movies; actor by actor, genre by genre, and director by director. Until you run out…

Lost in Noir

Out of Recommendations

You google most fun movies to watch – you get bombarded with the same results at every scroll and click of the mouse. Every nook and corner you end up with “brads and pitts“, “jasons and freddies“, and yes! “scorceses and nolans“. undoubtedly they are icons of cinematic geniusness but a mere tip of the iceberg when it comes to the astronomical expanse of cinema.

Now that you have exhausted movie lists, and that movie loving friend of yours has nothing more to recommend, you are now at the world’s end if I may put it in an allegorical sense.

There is nothing more palpably upsetting than running out of movies to watch when you are quarantined to stay indoors.

Looking Ahead with Lost in Noir

Now that we got the rant out of the way, there is always a movie for you when you want it. They are just hidden under rubble overshadowed by the commercial heavyweights.

Here on Lost In Noir we shall discuss these gems of cinema worthy of pop culture recognition. Whilst we marvel at our brads and pitts, jasons and freddies, and scorceses and nolans, light will be shed on esoteric films, indies, and creative advances that flesh out cinema for all its grandeur and worth.

Look forward to discovery as we embark on a journey of love. The undying and ever growing love for Cinema. ‘Til then…

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